About Dean Hall

Dr. David L. Hall is the Dean in the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) and a Professor in Information Sciences and Technology (IST) where he leads the Center for Network Centric Cognition and Information Fusion. Previously he was the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs in Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology, where he was responsible for overseeing IST’s Ph.D. and Master’s Degree programs as well as research grant administration and leadership of IST faculty research efforts.

Hall joined IST from the University’s Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) where he served as associate director and senior scientist. At ARL, he oversaw the 150-person Information and Network Systems Office, comprised of four divisions: Information Science and Technology, Navigation Research and Development, Systems and Operations Automation, and Communications Science and Technology.

He has more than 25 years of experience in research, research management, and systems development. He is the author of more than 200 papers, reports, books and book chapters, and he has delivered numerous lectures on his research, research management, and artificial intelligence. Hall has been named as an IEEE fellow for his contributions to data fusion and he was awarded the DoD Joe Mignona National Data Fusion award for his contributions and leadership in data fusion.

Hall’s research has covered a wide variety of areas, including stellar structures, celestial mechanics, digital signal processing, software engineering, and automated reasoning. Multisensor data fusion is a particular focus for Hall and his work in this area is recognized both nationally and internationally. Hall has conducted and led research projects for such sponsors as NASA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Naval Research Lab, Office of Naval Research, U.S. Air Force Rome Air Development Center, the Department of Defense, and private aerospace corporations. Courses taught at both the undergraduate and graduate level include advanced physics, modern physics, astronomy, celestial mechanics, artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems, information systems and project management, and information fusion.

About the College of Information Sciences and Technology

The College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) at The Pennsylvania State University is an interdisciplinary program started in 1998 that links computer science, users, and information technology.

We offer an associate degree as well as bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees in information sciences and technology (IST) and a bachelor of science in security and risk analysis (SRA) at 20 campuses throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We also offer a resident, academic M.S. degree and Ph.D. degree at the University Park campus.

Our online offerings include undergraduate degrees in IST and SRA, undergraduate and post baccalaureate certificates, and online MPS degrees in homeland security, information sciences, and enterprise architecture.

Our faculty specialize in six key areas: social policy, economics and informatics; human-computer interaction; security, privacy and informatics; information systems; computational informatics; and cognition and networked information systems.

For more information, visit http://ist.psu.edu.



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