Star named after IST Dean David HallA boy on a farm in southern Iowa was fascinated by the stars. He tried to make his own telescope from the Edmund Scientific Corporation Ten-lens kit, use binoculars to look for the Messier objects, and wondered about the names of constellations and stars.

He could never have imagined that sixty years later, on the evening of April 26, 2014, the incredibly thoughtful students of the Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology would announce that a star in the constellation Auriga (at celestial coordinates RA 6h 23m 12s and DEC 30o 28m) was now formally named David Hall, registered in the International Star Registry.

What an incredible gift by IST students in recognition of my service as Dean.

I know that the star at coordinates RA 6h 23m 12s and DEC 30o 28m is surrounded by a multitude of stars – each representing the spirit of the IST students and alums.

Thank you!


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