It’s only the second day of ISKeith Deaven and Heather Gay of MediabarnT’s Start-up Week, and already I am amazed at the activities and quality of speakers who have come to visit IST classes. In just two days, we have had speakers such as Rod Murchison, vice president of product management at Tripwire, Inc., Keith Deaven, co-founder of Mediabarn, Heather Gay, director of research initiatives for Mediabarn, Jimmy Mesta  senior security engineer for Redspin, Bryson Nobles, co-founder of Songsplits Solutions, LLC, and David Carlino of Redspin. Despite the snowstorm on Monday, these highly successful entrepreneurs have traveled to Penn State at their own expense (from places such as California, Colorado, Virginia and New York).

What is amazing to me is the openness and enthusiasm of each speaker.    Not only have they provided information about how to start and grow companies, develop business concepts, interact with venture capitalists and investors, and evaluate products and markets, they have also provided some detailed technical information on areas such as computer security, networking, media research, and other areas. In addition, they have shared their personal stories, described how they got to their current situation, shared the challenges they have faced, and provided advice for current IST students.

It is very heartening to hear their genuine enthusiasm about what they’re currently doing and their perspectives on the opportunities for IST graduates. If you have not yet attended any Start-up Week sessions, I would highly recommend that you do. These sessions provide opportunities for information about IST in the real world, networking, and also a source of inspiration.

I can hardly wait for the rest of the week!


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